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and all your help is vital. 

I will use donations to create new Free Beauty, in the form of works of art donated to charities, museums and associations that help people in need. 


Andreas McMuller

Italian artist - Born in Verona (Italy) in December 1966


A photographer since he was a child, he has been a digital artist since 2012 when he was struck by a painting by Monet: since then he has stopped taking simple photos and began to produce Works of Art that he displays and sells online and through fairs and art events in Italy and around the world.


He specializes in the Artistic Nude, especially with the McBlack project and derivatives that have received significant awards and high-sounding reviews (with titles such as "Poet of Light", "new Canova" and the like) from renowned art critics; is also active in other artistic projects among which emerges Life Always Win which has its hinge in the victory of life over death (and the wicked human activity). Since January 2023 he is also a painter.

Andreas McMüller is an artist of SHIBUSA Art gallery

The artworks are sold by Shibusa s.a.s. - Headquarters in Via Pasolini, 8 - 42023 Cadelbosco di sopra (RE) Italia

P.Iva (VAT) e CF  IT02720390356 - Phone: 333-3920128 - E-mail: mcmuller@shibusa.art

Less known but no less beautiful are his paintings of the McWave project (Luxury wall art), which is a research and discovery project of Aesthetics, (of that Beauty that with its mere presence is able to enrich people’s lives and inspire them towards a better existence)which is increasingly overshadowed by the frenzy of modern life.


In a coma for covid for the whole month of January 2022, he eventually left his body (he died).

…but he also returned, with the help of the doctors of the Resuscitation of the hospital of Reggio Emilia, and rose again with the Mission to bring Art back to its original essence, when Creation meant creating Beauty.


He then launched the SHIBUSA project that supports the return of Art to aesthetics and whose motto is "Beauty is the Way".

It is a project to which you are all invited to join by supporting artists who create true works of art, that is, those that excite and inspire positively those who observe them. You can help him already today to improve life on Earth by adhering to the project and, perhaps, even buying his own work.



Beautiful! Great work!  -  Vittorio Sgarbi - Spoleto Arte 2018 ... and 2019!


Visual masterpieces where the artist, with spontaneity, succeeds in capturing and seducing the mind and the heart of the observer.

Francesca Boncompagni Critic and art historian - ArteEscape - Venice 2018


A work of rare beauty, technical and formal perfection [...] his shots appear refined, sumptuous, with a modern taste and

great emotional impact.   Marco Rebuzzi, art critic and curator of the Gonzaga Museum - Collectible Artists 2018


Through the lens of the camera, Andreas McMuller leads us into a world of delicate poetry

where nature in its formal aspects becomes the starting point for reflection on the mystery that surrounds it.

Arpinè Sevagian, curator, painter and sculptor


Beautiful pictures! In several of them and also in the mountain landscapes you have a poem in putting them there, and I like it.

Franco Farina, painter


I shot with Andreas in a modelsharing last week, a correct and kind person.
Her photos are very beautiful!! thanks ...super la 0720!  Daniela Caruso, professional model


I love McMuller because in his shots there is always something new, unusual, special; in his shot you find the true meaning of life emerges. It is a pity that he runs for all the customers and never for me.

Giovanna Maria, holy wife of McMuller


Pasquale Di Matteo - Art critic and curator

"Andreas McMuller is an artist of light and of the camera, a master of human figuration who knows how to portray nudity with elegance and a refined aesthetic sense.

His works especially enhance the female bodies, but without ever falling into vulgar or banal exteriority.

On the contrary, McMuller knows how to shape shadows and light by modeling scenes like the sculptor with clay.

Andreas McMuller's art is capable of transporting to parallel worlds, where the silence of his chiaroscuro is deafening and overbearing in the poetic.

Going beyond the image to reach the essence of the subjects is a capacity that McMuller manifests in every work and that he proposes to those who observe them as a warning to achieve the improvement of society.

Andreas McMuller is an intriguing protagonist of Italian contemporary art. "

Prof. D'Atanasio Professor of History of Art:


[...] Andreas' works are not only images and representations of a feminine that expresses unspeakable beauty, each of his works becomes rather the genesis of a research that continues, continues beyond the figure. What he wants to represent is a sort of gap, a bridge that connects the image to the imagined figure. Each of his works has the strength of a real evocation in him.

All the images that Andreas studies, publishes and exhibits lead the observer to get lost in space and it is precisely in this bewilderment that one has the possibility of rediscovering a new rationality. It is the Neoplatonic essence that constituted the Aesthetics of Buonarroti. After disorienting us his figures lead us to an island, they allow us a landing just in that form in which Aphrodite found manifestation. Each of his works is the search for that feminine, essence of the goddess who from the original Chaos, from the primeval black, created the Cosmos, the Summa Beauty.

[...] Only the artist knows and can create a new balance from what is in opposition and in conflict. The contrast in the art of Andreas McMuller becomes harmony, melody, grace and opens the way for a space in which the observer gets lost, rediscovers the taste of being moved, of feeling, sinking in that unique, infinite sea that allows find himself.

Master Franco Bulfarini, Artist and Critic and Curator:

[...] In McMuller the moods dictate the moment of the shot, which will make the invisible visible.

If the naturalistic data is undoubtedly important for Andreas, then I get the shots of one of his virtual galleries: the McWhite gallery (McBlack corrected n.y.) and here I find extraordinary images of female nudes, such as Candore, Hills and Triangulations.

They are shots that give the images purity and whiteness, like sculptures by Canova, they have a unique charm that is originality.

[...] Reality is always bivalent: surface datum and inner datum, objective element and subjective reference, whose joining produces a new reality, which we were not given to know and that talented artists like Andreas McMuller can grasp and convey .


Francesca Dr. Boncompagni, critic and art historian:


[...] When he puts the lens on the female body Andreas, in each photo, with acute sensitivity, he overcomes the obvious appearance that the sensuality of the flesh gives him. His shots do not pretend to immortalize the fairer sex, in order to show the attractive and palpitating side of mere eroticism. The objective returns images of women, in their authentic beauty and intimacy. Harmony and elegance of forms, where the visible, is only the pretext to delve into the deep sense of things. Black, if seen in its essence, allows us to go beyond darkness, beyond the indefinite, beyond the void.

Visual masterpieces where the artist, with spontaneity, succeeds in capturing and seducing the mind and the heart of the observer.

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