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and all your help is vital. 

I will use donations to create new Free Beauty, in the form of works of art donated to charities, museums and associations that help people in need. 

ARTISTIC CURRICULUM - Highlights of 2018

2018 December

Awarded at the Margherita Hack Art Competition - Milan

Splendid competition dedicated to the memory of the Lady of the Stars: an astrophysical scientist but above all a Woman, loved by everyone for her intelligence and simplicity. Many personalities who knew her and who intervened to give their contribution to the event: Amanda Lear (model, actress and painter), Don Antonio Mazzi (presbyter, educator and TV personality), Roberto Villa (internationally renowned photographer). ), Antonino Zichichi (scientist and popularizer), Vittorio Sgarbi (art critic but also television and political figure) and Prof. Francesco Alberoni (sociologist, journalist, writer, lecturer and Italian rector), as well as the President of Spoleto Art Salvo Nugnes.

In the frame of the Milan Art Gallery, McMuller received three important awards: the Margherita Hack Award, the autograph of prof. Alberoni on his brochure (he wanted to be a clever pharmacist to translate it) and Alberoni's assertion to master Villa: "This (McMuller, ed) you have to pull it up, that's good!"


Andreas McMüller is an artist of SHIBUSA Art gallery

The artworks are sold by Shibusa s.a.s. - Headquarters in Via Pasolini, 8 - 42023 Cadelbosco di sopra (RE) Italia

P.Iva (VAT) e CF  IT02720390356 - Phone: 333-3920128 - E-mail: mcmuller@shibusa.art


2018 December

3rd place at the International Prize Roma Caput Mundi

Created in the context of the new contemporary art magazine Art Now, this contest ended with a work by McMuller who arrived at the podium: the cover of Art Now will be dedicated to him as 3rd with the work "Sinuous" for the following motivation: "For the originality and the constant stylistic research. His work provides new interpretative developments."


2018 December

Master today - Rome Trastevere group exhibition

In the excellent setting of Palazzo Velli, the Maestri Oggi event was held, curated by the art critic and historian dr. Leonarda Zappulla.

The McMuller triptych has made a good impression despite the very high aesthetic level of the works on display, so much so that the criticism has thus addressed them in the catalog: "The images evoked by the shots of the artist make photography a real Emotional experience: the delicate reverberation of light that glides timidly on the skin of the models [...] making us perceive more the essence than the presence of these women wrapped in the dark The sublime play of red on the marble back of 50 Shades lights up the triptych with a mischievous symphony, placing the mind, eye and heart of the observer on the same line. "

The event also benefited from the participation of the Maestro (with a dutifully capitalized M) Mario Salvo who gave Sinuosa a considerable compliment.


2018 December

Exhibition in Miami meets Milan - Miami USA

The announcement of selection began like this: "Take your place with the greats of Art ... from Dominicis to Guttuso, from Pirandello to Boetti, from Lodola to ... you?

The selection was arduous both for the high level of the competing works and for the resounding of the prestigious initiative, realized in the context of ART BASEL (the most important art fair on the planet) and presented less than in the Chamber of Deputies, supported by the Vice-President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa as well as of course by Salvo Nugnes and Vittorio Sgarbi and realized with the collaboration of the Mayor of Miami, the Mayor of Milan, the Italian Consul General, the President of the Lombardy region and renowned critics and artists ending with the Director of the Modigliani Museum Alberto D'Atanasio.

Well, three works have had the honor and the burden of going to Miami with the great, together with McMuller himself, to show Italian art to American collectors.

Leading the very delicate and always appreciated Thoughts, followed closely by the indecent Night Predator, which has done its job well attracting the attention of several Americans.


2018 November

Winner of ARTEFIERA of Padua - CAT Contemporary Art talent award

At the Art fair of Padua, McMuller exhibits in his own stand and participates in the CAT contest: the Contemporary Art Talent is an artistic competition open to all the artists present at the fair ... and wins it, getting the CAT First Prize 2018 with the work Curve, realized in Museum mode


2018 November

Collective exhibition against violence a(about women): I trust you

Invited by Dr. Caterina Randazzo, art critic and curator of the exhibition, which has its own particular reason for being in the concurrent day against violence, (in this specific case on women), McMuller participates with the works Pensieri e 50 Shades of Red.


2018 October

Flanders International Biennial - Bruges - Belgium

Invited by the organizers, McMuller participates with the Colline and In Rete pictures, both from the McWhite project.

The collective exhibition in the Oud Sint Jan Museum in Bruges, Belgium is very beautiful, on display at the museum with Picasso, Warhol and Mirò; the videos of the exhibition can be viewed here and here


2018 October

Modigliani Award - Spoleto Italy

Modigliani was a great artist and, especially for the time, a great provocateur, so much so that his first personal exhibition was closed by Buoncostume (a police department that at the time dealt with decorum and public decency), a few hours after opening.

For this reason the most extreme pictures of McMuller's production have been requested, which received the Modigliani Award thanks to Heaven Light (light of Paradise) and Night Predator (night predator). Extreme reactions of the jury members, sometimes amused (Salvo Nugnes president Spoleto Arte, Alberto D'Atanasio director of Modigliani museum and Roberto Villa internationally renowned photographer) and at times rightly embarrassed (Silvia Casarin Rizzolo Orchestra director of the Teatro La Fenice of Venice and Antonieta of Vizia of the RAI), while Josè Van Roy Dalì (son of Salvador Dalì) found fertile ground to put on display again his artistic and infinite sympathy.


2018 Ottobre

Honorable Mention IPA: International Photo Award - LosAngeles USA 

Dear Andreas, it is my great pleasure to inform you that your works has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2018 IPA Awards - Congratulation! [...] In another tremendous year for Ipa, we received thousand of higly qualified entries from all around the world [...]

You are also invited to attent the upcoming Lucie Awards galà in New York City [...] Once again, congratulations on your great work!

​Sincerely, Hoissein Farmani, President IPA

Nota del redattore:  hanno valutato il progetto McBlack

2018 October

Raffaello International Award - Palazzo Isolani, Bologna

Against the participation with the work Candore (McWhite project), McMuller receives the Raffaello International Award from the curator of the event, art critic and publisher Sandro Serradifalco.

The critical motivation released cites: "For the particular artistic sensibility and for the marked communicative dowry. Original and refined expressive abilities, [...] A mastery of the expressive technique that is renewed, distinguishing itself with singular compositional and creative strength."


2018 October

Award 99 Protagonists of the art by S. Serradifalco and V. Sgarbi

Palazzo Isolani, Bologna

McMuller participates in this collective exhibition with two archival images: Very Dead Nature and Thoughts of a Woman who meet the appreciation of the judges who comment on them in the catalog: "frames of effective symbolic intuition, representative of the transitory and ephemeral - magical atmosphere and suspended - it exalts the fragile things of everyday life with great lyricism. " The motivation for the award given to McMuller is very beautiful, whose certificate literally mentions: "For the particular artistic sensitivity manifested, proof of a rare and precious sensitivity."

2018 October

Pietrasanta (LU) Auction House Daliano Ribani Art

Through the work Curve, the McBlack project shots taken with the Museum mode receive the first official listing through the auction house Daliano Ribani of Pietrasanta (in the province of Lucca, Tuscany, Italy).

The auction is number 5 and the picture is lot 420.

The price takes into account, in addition to the objective aesthetic value of the work, the artistic recognition received and the very high level of quality of the materials and techniques used to create this type of work.

The price list of McMuller's works is updated accordingly.


2018 September

Collective exihibition  Rapsodie Cromatiche - ACA Gallery, via Margutta, Rome.

McMuller participates with the Triangulations and the Master as well as Art critic Mario Salvo (who evidently has viewed the entire production of the artist), so he cites it in the certificate of participation:

"Photography, the author's one, belongs to the higher spheres of the creation of Art not only for its amazing effects, but also for the research of the brilliant artistic cut. of light that contrast appropriate and emotional shadows to generate "difference" with the "industrial" ones. And here gentlemen there is undoubtedly so much fabric to sell! "


2018 September

Art Escape Contemporary Art Exhibition, Palazzo Zenobio, Venice

Famous for the wonderful hall of mirrors, the Collegio Armeno hosts for two days McMuller's works in the form of a two-person exhibition: 11 paintings 100x70cm from the McBlack and McColor projects, including the exclusive Monna Sara, which is still the only photographic work made by an Italian photographer with antiqued canvas.

The artistic committee led by the director Prof. Angelo Bacci (Venice Biennale) is composed of the curators Loredana Trestin and Anna Rita Boccolini and Francesca Bellola journalist and art critic, as well as by the art critic and historian Dr. Francesca Boncompagni which, in presenting McMuller's works in the exhibition catalog, speaks of: "Visual masterpieces where the artist spontaneously succeeds in capturing and seducing the mind and the heart of the observer."


2018 September

Spoleto Art Exhibition in Venice

The sumptuous setting of the Scuola Grande di S. Teodoro, in S. Marco, is the setting for Sinuosa e Pensieri, which after the success of Spoleto were again selected for the Venice exhibition.

This time the jury is composed of the President Salvo Nugnes, the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, the orchestra director of the La Fenice theater in Venice Silvia Casarin Rizzolo, José Van Roy Dalì (son of Salvador), Alberto D'Atanasio Director of Musero Modigliani, and Roberto Villa photographer of international fame.


2018 July

International Art Award Palermo - Biondo Theater

Capital of Culture for the year 2018, Palermo wonders about Art; the jury is led by the president Paolo Levi (internationally renowned critic) and composed by Philippe Daverio (critic and professor of art as well as writer and television personality), Edoardo Sylos Labini director of the OFF newspaper and Sandro Serradifalco, editor and artistic director of the award .

After careful analysis of the curriculum and the works presented, Lady Gold and 50 Sfumature di Rosso, the jury gave McMuller the Arte Palermo Award in the sonutosa frame of the Biondo Theater.


2018 July

Finalist of the Contest Lamborghini in Motta di Livenza (TV) Italy

At least a Finalist with the work "The Red and the Lamborghini" of the Art Prize Exihibition: "Tribute to Ferruccio Lamborghini" in the presence of Fabio Lamborghini, the nephew of the founder of the famous car manufacturer.


2018 June

Spoleto Art - curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Palazzo Leti Sansi

with the participation of José Van Roy Dali, son of Salvador), Alberto D'atanasio Director of the Museum, Modigliani, Roberto Villa, photographer of international fame, Silvana Giacobini of the magazine "Chi" and "Diva e Donna", Carlo Motta Editorial Mondadori, Tony di Corcia biographer of Versace and Armani and Francesco Marano, a pianist of international success.


Salvo Nugnes, President of the Spoleto Art, in the certificate of the selection of the works and Winding Thoughts writes:

"The research of Andreas McMuller aimed at perfection. In detail there is a world of unexpressed feelings and emotions, and through the view, exacerbated by the photography, the artist is able to sprigionarlo.

Thoughts and Curvaceous [...] lead to the highest levels of both the technique and the style of the photographer, which is devoted precisely to the choice of materials of quality and to establish a play of light and shade dynamic.

The final surrender leave to the contemplation of the last word."

The famous critic Vittorio Sgarbi, instead it was much more concise: it has observed the works and said: "Beautiful!"

Then he put his hand on the shoulder of McMuller and looking into his eyes said: "Bravo!"

Those who know him, know that spoken by Sgarbi, two words all and two positive, are rare and constitute a considerable recognition.


2018 June

Stair to the Moon is selected as the work deserves and receives the International Award Christopher Columbus - Explorers of the Art, at the aquarium of Genoa


2018 June

The collective Black&White - Palazzo Saluzzo at Genoa - by the critic Loredana Trestin - Opera Curve version of the Museum

2018 June

The collective Disputed Area Art in Via Margutta in Rome - curated by the gallery owner Tina Zurlo, with the criticism of the illustrious Alfio Borghese (critic, curator, art director and journalist) - Work Thoughts vers. canvas


2018 May

Insertion into the Effect the Art Collection: Artists ' Collection


The critic and Art historian Marco Rebuzzi, already the curator of the Diocesan Museum, Gonzaga of Mantua, the select works of McMuller (with particular reference to the Curves of the series McBlack) for the inclusion in the Effect the Art Collection.

The certificate is signed by Rebuzzi, answer the following motivation: "I congratulate you personally for the thickness of the stylistic found in the scans of his work. His creative work is the demonstration of a concrete manifestation of the soul."

From the criticism of the work Curve: [...] a work of rare beauty, technical perfection and formal, through the exact modulation of light and poses. [...] his photos appear refined, sumptuous, modern taste, and of great im pact of emotional distress.

2018 April

McMuller enters "theGolden book of the Masters of Today"


Following the analysis of the Art critic Carla d'aquino Mineo, the Maison d'art of Padua, inserts, the works of McMuller in the Golden Register. The commission of the ACADEMIC CENTER is the MAISON D'ART OF PADUA, informs you that it has been selected on the basis of Its artistic quality, for the insertion “in the Archives of the history of Italian art” with Its PROFILE Of the AUTHOR on the website of the Academic Centre Maison d ' Art of Padua and in the volume “ARCHIVES OF the HISTORY OF ITALIAN ART AND THE STRANDS HISTORIANS OF the third MILLENNIUM”. The insert allows for the storage of artistic works of art, that take on a historical identity, published in a volume with the corresponding value of listing, issued with a certificate listing the Academic Center Maison d ' Art of Padua and a certificate in recognition of his artistic merits of “Excellent Artist”.



2018 April

The picture "Curves" was awarded with the Golden Palm of the Visual Arts


The framework Curves, in virtue of the representative of the project McBlack, receives a Nice Prize, the Golden Palm of the Visual Arts.

Made from one shot of 2016 at a splendia model tuscany , is produced in limited quantities in the mode Museum (i.e. at the maximum quality possible today), the size 70x100cm.




2018 April

Josè Van Roy Dalì delivery McMuller the Prize Van Gogh


In the splendid setting of the sala consiliare of the Municipality of Monreale, within the Monumental Complex Guglielmo II (william II, the son of Salvador Dali has delivered to Andreas the Prize Van Gogh and the Certificate of Merit in the Artistic placed, for the following reasons: “The Artist Andreas McMuller, capable of giving genuine moments of poetry.”

The organisation, which has curated and organised the exhibition of which the works have been chosen the winners, has specifically requested the painting “Thoughts”; in the photo to the right McMuller with Dali.


2018 Marzo


Partecipa al contest Artavita


che si conclude con il ricevimento del Certificato di Eccellenza in quanto finalista: Dear Andreas, We would like to thank you for participating in Artavita’s 26th Online Art Contest and I want to inform you about the results. 682 artists took part, and judging was extremely difficult, because so many noteworthy works were entered. […]You were one of the 50 runners-up, shortlisted for winning.  I attach here your certificate, and I offer you my congratulations! Best regards, Thomas Tunberg Director Artavita



2018 March

Andreas McMuller participate in the contest FIIPA – FIOF Awards 2018

The International Fund for Photography gave him an honorable Mention in the category “Naked” for the works of the project McBlack, and McWhite

2018 March

McMuller was invited to the International Exhibition of Art in Venice and takes part in ushering in the new series of paintings “Museum”

Starting from this event, Andreas has established for its reference works to the new standard, “Museum”, which provides for: an expensive but exceptional print on cotton paper Hahnemühle (from the black in spectacular and profound, but very, very delicate), a universal framework in painted wood theme and the new acrylic glass museum: anti-UV, anti-electrostatic, and especially anti-reflective coating.

The peculiarity of this material is that the “glass” is there but cannot see, and the work thus made may show in all its glory, in the brightness of his blacks very deep and at the same time well protected. The works chosen by the curator are, needless to say, “Sinuous” and “Thoughts”, certified for the occasion by the portal Patamu (the direct competitor of the Siae).

In the event McMuller has received from the hands of the dr.ssa Serena Carlino and the international Prize of the Doges for the wise interpretation of the Art, with the following motivation: “for its creativity, is the perfect combination of harmony and light, has the ability to capture the sensibility of the soul.” During the event, these works have been selected by no less than the critic Marco Rebuzzi, conservator of the Diocesan Museum G. Gonzaga of Mantua, for a major exhibition to be held in 2019 in the exhibition halls of the Museum.



2018 February

The painter and Art Critic Franco Bulfarini, as a result of his careful analysis of McMuller and available works, has issued the following critical (fill in the site and should we paint.en)


Andreas McMuller - If the view of reality generates emotions

[...] McMuller, with his camera, rips open the veil of Maya, to penetrate the "other" reality, of the source, the source of life, which, as it says in the well-known philosopher Jung: "there has fallen on this land, as the seeds to germinate in our essence". [...]Here is the artistic photographer that looks for the forms of the visible in order to define the hidden side, the signifier. Each photo told of deep-seated reasons, thoughts, underlying, reality in its true essence of beauty, beyond the mists and shadows, to unearth the emotions, to follow the path of light.

[...] If the natural, undoubtedly it is important to Andreas, then to me they are the shots of one of his virtual galleries: the gallery McWhite, and here I find extraordinary images of female nudes, such as Whiteness (Turin - February 2017 - Nikon D800), the Hills (Milan - July 2017 - Nikon D800), Triangulations (Turin - February 2017 - Nikon D800). There are shots that give the image of purity and whiteness, like the sculptures of Canova, have a unique charm that is quality.

Andreas reinvents itself constantly, as only can do a virtuous. The cameras, not hiding anything, the usa as the painter brushes with security and mastery, rare, he is a photographer for over thirty years, from 1996 he occasionally services to companies and from the 2012 photo art, displayed in exhibitions and galleries in all italy.

[...] The gaze of the artist goes beyond mere representation, that everyone can do in their own way, he is able to obtain a measure of internalized images, which exceeds the semblance to decant the substance, the reality is different and altered that everyone possesses, but that not all are able to express to feel full, let alone share.

The reality is always bivalent: given the surface and the given inner, objective element, and reference the subjective, the join produces a new reality, that it was given to know that talented artists such as Andreas McMuller can capture and transmit.



2018 January

Two works access the Collection Sgarbi.

The 2018 opens from the sign of two specific shots: “Sinuous” and “Thoughts” which, in the early months of the year, have tons of successes, starting from the entrance, in the prestigious Collection Sgarbi.

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