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and all your help is vital. 

I will use donations to create new Free Beauty, in the form of works of art donated to charities, museums and associations that help people in need. 




Andreas McMüller is an artist of SHIBUSA Art gallery

The artworks are sold by Shibusa s.a.s. - Headquarters in Via Pasolini, 8 - 42023 Cadelbosco di sopra (RE) Italia

P.Iva (VAT) e CF  IT02720390356 - Phone: 333-3920128 - E-mail: mcmuller@shibusa.art


All of Andreas McMüller’s paintings are limited edition, certified and registered in blockchain. 

The "Mc" level works are available in 7+1 original copies (or less), then will be made and sold on planet Earth only 7 copies of each work (or less), which can be bought by collectors in the format they prefer: NFT (digital), Canvas (High-quality material, retouched by hand), Fine-Art Baryta or Museum (exceptional material,  top quality) but, regardless of the support, they will be seven in all and not one more. 

Seven examples are on sale, the "+1" is a real painting owned by the artist and is reserved for exhibition in ateliers, exhibitions and museums and will never be sold or sold to anyone for any reason. 


For each work by Andreas McMüller he creates a FOLDER OF THE WORK, which contains what he needs to manage it, in particular the subfolders: 


- MOTHER WORK: The mother work is the RAW file, (NEF for Nikon) which is the native file of the camera and which cannot be modified or recreated in any way, so much so that in court the possession of RAW is certain proof of the ownership of a photo. Not happy, McMüller made a certified registration in Patamu, which is the direct competitor of the Siae and ratifies the paternity.


- DOUGHTERS WORKS: The artist is personally in charge of post-production and digital processing and personally supervises the printing of his files in the laboratory. For his organization and cataloging the artist creates 8 folders, one for each of 7+1 specimens, made and realized. 


Inside the folder of every single made there are:

- front and back pictures of the painting,

- its definitive PSD and TIFF print files (because each type of media and print requires specific adjustments and therefore requires its own optimized files),

- the certificates of the portal (and auction house) Gigarte of the specific specimen and, pending that the portal avii the registration in blochchain of its certificates, McMülle does independently in the site certain.legal


The certificates are as follows:

-Archiving: is issued when the work is recorded in Gigarte

-Autenticity: signed by the artist, includes print run and copy number

-Property: signed by the artist, includes the print run and the copy number and obviously the name of the owner. It can be renewed in case of resale of the work.

-Blockchain registration: would not be necessary because the regsttraction of the work on the portal saddle auction house is in itself already a guarantee more than enough, but McMüller is fussy and the armored in Blockchain

-Certified quotation: issued by the auction house (when available

-Other documents and certificates issued by critics, museums, galleries, auction houses and portals are often available, including certificates and expertise, and are placed in the work folder. 

cartella scopiazzando canova
sottocartelle madre-figlie di scopiazzando canova
cartelle scopiazz.canova 7+1
certificato di valutazione economica.jpeg

Let us therefore be serene gallerists and collectors: the number of specimens is that declared. 

For the "Photographic" works of the McWave and LVVS series there will be a print run of 99+1 copies, available for customers in the form of Canvas in mixed media, Museum, Topsec and other media until the exhaustion of ninety-nine copies available, organized and certified as described above. 


Lithographs are 999+1 copies, numbered and autographed by the artist. 



The result of years of research and experimentation, the type of painting "Museum" is characterized by exclusive materials and workmanship to perfection: the photo is printed in an Italian laboratory whose craftsmen work (not to say), with white gloves and the base material is a paper that represents the election of Fine Art, the exceptional (and very expensive) cotton paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin 310, coupled with PVC Light 2cm; the peculiarity of such cotton paper is that it absorbs a lot of ink and allows you to get an incredibly deep black, perfect for black and white.

This print is then mounted in an elegant frame in black painted wood and protected by Optium Museum museum glass or its acrylic equivalent Acrilyc Optium Museum from 3 or 4.5 mm that is scratch-resistant, anti-reflective 98.4% (we observe the Art, not the reflections), antistatic 99% (no dust) and anti-UltraVioletti 99% (the work does not ruin over time).  This type of realization has received the name "Museum" because it is the one really used in museums: the Optium Museum protects, among others, the Picasso "Dora Maar" of the Metropolitan Museum in New York and "The man of the chard" by Leonardo da Vinci of the National Institute for Graphic Design in Rome.


In the photo: "Thoughts" and "Sinusa" exhibited at the Venice Art Expo International 2018: you can easily notice that the frame reflects the window light in front ....and the glass museum no.

FineArt baryta

Used for the works "50 shades of Red" that won the Biennale of Mantua and "So" that won the Spoleto Arte Prize, the picture made on this exceptional material does not reach the absolute black of the Museum series but is opaque enough not to suffer too much from reflections, does not need glass, has an excellent gray gradation and a saturated color that gives detailed and almost three-dimensional images. In fact you can see that in Mantua the renowned critic and art historian Vittorio Sgarbi goes to closely check if it is a work of matter (with material,  in 3d).



by definition the Canvas would be a heavy fabric. Used by painters for centuries, by extension today also indicates the picture printed on canvas and framed on wood.
In our case we use only high quality, non-toxic and odorless canvas, high ink absorption, hand-framed with fine wood. 
This type of painting is extremely versatile and elegant and is suitable for general use, but it makes particularly intriguing black and white images (such as the mighty "Tempestuous Peaks"), portraits and panoramas.
It can be framed or hung as it is.
The antiqued Canvas is a unique and precious product, which is characterized by cracks that in a short time are created on the surface of the canvas, such as to make the print very similar to vintage paintings. Very difficult to realize and therefore very exclusive, both for quality and for the pure cost of realization, the antique canvas is mounted by hand on a frame that is in turn antiqued and finished on the sides with wrapping paper, as they used to do to protect the frame and the edge of the painting from each other.


The topsec is a sandwich in which high definition printing is inserted between an aluminum base and an acrylic protection that enhances the color and contrast, to the advantage of more detailed and colorful images.
topsec def.jpeg
The lithograph itself is a printing system whose original matrices were made of stone, but it has evolved and widely spread because it is suitable for the precious reproduction of existing works, so much so that today, despite what may have been the origins of this technique, tends to generalize and define lithographs many types of reproduction of artistic works.   In our case the name is used improperly, since it is digital or matrix printing on fine Fedrigoni paper, usually watercolor, depending on the work reproduced. It requires a suitable conic.  The final result is the desired one: a high quality print and remarkable elegance. McMuller Lithographs have only two sizes and prices, depending on the size of the original shot: with a long side of cm 100 or 70.
The image fills approximately 60/70% of the Lithograph.  
The available lithographs are visible on the page: LITHOGRAPHS


tutti i quadri di Andreas McMuller sono accompagnati dai certificati sopra citati, quello di Proprietà riporta la foto dell'opera, le specifiche, il numero dell'esemplare, il nome dell'acquirente, ed il link al portale della casa d'aste Gigarte presso la quale l'opera è stata registrata. E' autografato dall'artista e viene viene consegnato assieme alla propria registrazione in blockchain. 
RESALE RIGHT - Certified renewal
is provided, (with the obvious limit of the cessation of activity) the service not free of renewal of the certificate: without prejudice to the Resale Right, Andreas McMuller remains available to replace the Certificate showing the data of the old owner with a new Certificate, compiled with the data of the new owner and to validate the transfer of ownership of the work. 
As with any work purchased online, buyers of the paintings sold here also benefit from the guarantees provided by the laws in force, with particular reference to the "Consumer Code", D,Lgs 6 September 2005, n. 206.  It is therefore planned to replace the good if it presents manufacturing defects within two years of purchase, which have been notified within two months of their discovery (this clause applies to all prints, but not to handmade works such as oil paintings, watercolors, tempera, etc., for which the rule "view and liked" applies).
It is also provided by law and therefore by the conditions of sale of this site that the customer has the right of withdrawal without charge within 24 hours of purchase and within 8 days of receipt of the goods, but in this case the return to the seller is the responsibility and sole responsibility of the customer: the refund of the amount paid by him will then be complete only if the work arrives intact, while the costs of restoring the damage will be charged to the customer, if the work gets damaged. Also for this reason it is important that the customer carefully checks the integrity of the box with which he receives the picture and that he does not withdraw it if it presents tampering or damage.





McMuller’s Works can be: available (prompt delivery) or in Art-on-demand omade to order, using the best available materials and the latest production technologies (they do not come from the warehouse). 


The works in stock, paintings or lithographs, are always present in the SHOP page with their own, specific card.


To order the works in Art-on-demand, there is the form in the SHOP, after the available works.


There are two categories of paintings:  


ELITE Series - The Elite series are superior images, normally photographic, that are not only beautiful but have in themselves something special that transcends the pure aesthetics. Limited edition 99+1 numbered and certified copies. Elite paintings and lithographs have a list price and can be purchased or booked on the "Shop" page of this site.


Mc Series - In the Mc series there are the award-winning or award-winning Art shots by Italian and international critics.  High quality printing, high quality materials, certified limited edition.

The paintings of the Mc series are the top, their price GROWS constantly based on the quotations and expertises they receive, the auctions they are sold, the prizes they win and the Collections and Museums that acquire them.

From a financial point of view, buying a Mc framework is a medium-term investment that will generate considerable profits.

On the page "SHOP" there are only the lithographs Mc, to buy a picture Mc contact the artist appear the request form info in the card of the work or in the page Shop.   





Order of AVAILABLE artwork: 
Once the customer/ collector has purchased a specific work through the page "SHOP" and has made the payment, the artist will ship within two to three working days. 
Order of an artwork in Art-on-Demand:
Per ordinare un'opera che verrà appositamente realizata per lui, il cliente/collezionista può:
- 1) use the e-commerce module of that series, E (Elite) or lithographs, paying the amount by credit card, Paypal or paying a deposit by bank transfer. Received the amount the artist provides for the realization of the work, sending the following communications to the customer: -deposit received  -printed picture (with photo)  -picture completed (with photo) and any request for balance  -balance received and picture sent (with seal photos and tracking number).
- 2) send a communication by email or through the contact page, communicating the intention to buy a specific work, communicating all their data. This procedure is the only possible for the frameworks of the Mc series. The artist will send a pro-forma invoice through PayPal and, upon receipt of payment, provides for the realization of the work, sending the following communications to the customer: -received deposit  -printed picture (with photo)  -completed picture (with photo) and eventual request of balance  -balance received and picture sent (with photo and tracking number).
The work will be well packed, (the paintings travel in solid wooden boxes) and the insured shipment is by DHL courier.

Beware of the seals when the picture arrives!

... which will not be these.

Couriers usually work under great pressure and the messenger who will come to deliver the box containing your picture will try to be as fast as possible, instead you have the right and the duty to stop it just enough to check what you receive.  
In particular, compare the packaging with the photo that the artist sent you; check the integrity of the box and the warranty seals that we placed in the corners, above the locking screws: they are made of tightly glued cardboard and you can not open the box without ruining them; the bottom side is well glued and you can not open the box without destroying it: so look at it.
If it is in place, pick it up, hang up your painting and enjoy it (this will usually be the case). If it is not in place, if the box is dented or if the seals are different from those present in the photo of shipment not picked up own or write on the receipt of the courier "Accepted with reservation for alleged tampering" or "Accepted with reservation for damaged box" depending on the problem you encountered. Always remember that, if you put the signature on the receipt of the courier without reservation, declare that everything is in place and assume the costs of any problem.  However, in case of a problem contact the artist immediately.
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