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ITALIANO: Polished
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and all your help is vital. 

I will use donations to create new Free Beauty, in the form of works of art donated to charities, museums and associations that help people in need. 


2020 October
participation in the
ItaliaArte 2020 International Exhibition - Daverio Award
at the MIIT Museum in Turin (Italy).
At the date these lines were filled in, it is not yet known whether McMuller received an award in this exhibition or not. We will update the paragraph as soon as we get news.
The certificate of admission however reports admission to the exhibition due to its high expressive and artistic value.

Andreas McMüller is an artist of SHIBUSA Art gallery

The artworks are sold by Shibusa s.a.s. - Headquarters in Via Pasolini, 8 - 42023 Cadelbosco di sopra (RE) Italia

P.Iva (VAT) e CF  IT02720390356 - Phone: 333-3920128 - E-mail: mcmuller@shibusa.art


2020 October

Within the publishing project Art Leaders - Investment Guide "of the Art Now publishing house, McMuller receives from the well-known critic and journalist Angelo Crespi the official and reasoned quotation of his works, through the attribution of the Artist Coefficient 5 (five) , which is a very high coefficient for an emerging painter and pure science fiction for a photographer.  For those who do not know, the economic value of the standard work of a given artist is calculated as follows: base (cm) + height (cm) x coefficient x 10 = selling price


Three years ago I told you: buy my works, now they cost only 1,000 euros but in a few years the value will grow, even a lot.
A year and a half ago I told you: buy my works, now they cost only 2 / 3,000 euros but in a few years the value will grow, even a lot.
And you ... you missed a lot of money


Now I tell you: buy my works until they have only a coefficient of 5, because with the next auctions, with the next prizes, the next important exhibitions and even more so at the first exhibition that I will do in the USA the value will grow, and by a lot!


2020 June
Raphael International Exhibition and Award - MIIT Museum Turin

Awarded by the scientific committee, the communication says:
Dear Mr. McMuller, on behalf of the artistic-scientific committee of the MIIT Museum of Turin I am honored to
notify you of the award of the award provided for by the 'Raffaello Award 2020' held in the MIIT rooms from 18 to 30
last June. [...] Award certificate that I send you in attachment.
With the best regards from “Italia Arte” - MIIT Museum.
The Management - Dr. Guido Folco


2020 Maggio 
Finalista contest Artavita 
Dear Andreas, It is my pleasure to inform you that you were one of the runners-up in the latest Artavita online contest. The results of the contest have been posted on the Artavita website. I am attaching here your Certificate.
[...] Once again, my congratulations!
Thomas Tunberg
Director Artavita
5533 Cathedral Oaks Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93111,


2019 October
Winning the Spoleto Arte Prize included free participation in the
Winners' Exhibition, held in October 2019 at the prestigious "Milano Art Gallery".
In this exhibition, the painting "Serenity" made its first public appearance, to which I am particularly fond of for the incredible sensations it gives: peace, tranquility, serenity: pure chimeras in the modern world.
Yet this calm sea, this unusual work of art, brings us back to beautiful, quiet moments, in which there is time and you can relax. Essential to have in the office ;-)
I love it.


2019 July

The ART NOW artistic committee grants McMuller the cover of the bi-monthly magazine, followed by the critical editorial by dr. Leonarda Zappulla, art critic and historian, entitled: The eternal feminine in the aesthetics of the essential. "A universe of subtle emotions, always expressed through an impeccable technique and the meticulous choice of supports. The innate gift of knowing how to capture elegance through light that gently reveals sinuous roundness makes McMuller's visual narrative an exploration of sensations, feelings , states of mind: this is how, through his shots, passion, elegance and sensuality are personified by beautiful women whose features are often only hinted at, but whose character breaks and excites, even when the grave accent of violence against women it becomes part of its register, it does it with subtle wit and gives an image of the woman at the same time aware, intelligent and proud. "

2019 June
Collective exhibition Spoleto Arte: memorable VIP catwalk and celebrities among the works of the renowned Italian Art exhibition. In addition to the two paintings already winners of the Mantua Biennale, in this exhibition McMuller exhibited for the first time the work "So?" completing the triptych "The Women you do not expect" in which 50 Shades of Red is a messenger of the Mystery that every wise Woman knows how to maintain, Monna Sara represents the Sweetness of the Courtly Love and So ?, with its oxymoronic contrast between the pose of subjection and a proud gaze, represents the Proud, the Challenge, the intelligence of a woman who has evolved and now knows that the best Domination is obtained from below.
2019 June
PRIZE Spoleto Arte:
in the final event of Spoleto Arte, with the journalist and writer Massimo Giletti, the critical committee composed of the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, the artist and art son Josè Dalì, the writer and sociologist Francesco Alberoni and the President Salvo Nugnes wanted to reward McMuller "With the aim of supporting his work and complimenting the value of his art".
2019 June
WINNER!!! At the Mantua International Art Biennale, McMuller won the 1st PRIZE by exhibiting the works Monna Sara and 50 Sfumature di Rosso at the Diocesan Museum Gonzaga, in the presence of the conservative Marco Rebuzzi and the critics Vittorio Sgarbi and Philippe Daverio.
Great the publisher's article and critic Sandro Serradifalco on the website of the renowned art magazine ArtNow: "Proclaimed by the winning public at the Mantova ARTEXPO held last June 8 to 16 at the Diocesan Museum Francesco Gonzaga, the artist confirms the success achieved in recent years [...] The photographs presented by Andreas McMuller propose shots of effective symbolic intuition, subjects that are emblematic of the feeling of the transitory and ephemeral, metaphors of states of mind and signs of the uncertainty of life. elaborated by the artist, it allows the observer a detail of reality wrapped in a magical and suspended atmosphere, to make him participate in his own sensitivity, capable of enhancing the fragile things of everyday life with great lyricism. The contrast of the tones and the effects of light and shadow, evoke a world with sharp outlines, involving and silent, transposition of an intimate dialogue between the artist and the matter of his work. "

2019 June

At the conclusion of the trour of the European Excellence Award for the Arts, and within the framework of Paris ArtExpo, McMuller exhibited the works Lilly and Gold Queen at the Galerie Thuillier. The curator, historian and art critic Dr. Leonarda Zappulla, considered them so beautiful that they were displayed in the gallery window.


2019 March

McMuller is selected by the committee chaired by Paolo Levi, and with Vittorio Sgarbi, Edoardo Sylos Labini, Philippe Daverio, Crespi, Beatrice and other eminent art-critics and exponents of Italian Art to participate with two works at the ARTISTS International Yearbook of Contemporary Art, published from Mondadori Store and on sale in all the book stores of the group and not, in Italy and abroad.



2019 March

Adriana Soares (artist, critic and journalist) writes on the OFF art page of the national newspaper IL Giornale:

Andreas McMuller, the poet of light who "writes" on lines of female bodies
The body in Andreas McMuller's photography merges with the idea of ​​everything, aligning itself in an imaginary unity made of jerks, a mosaic of shadows and shiny lines.

He would never have imagined Andreas McMuller, a photographer from Cadelbosco di Sopra (RE), born in 1966, who from his first photo in 1972 with a Rolleiflex would have been so successful full of international awards, becoming an architect of shapes and spaces body.

His shots give the images purity and whiteness as sculptures by Canova, making him a poet of light, who writes on lines of soft and generous female bodies.

His gaze goes beyond mere representation, overcoming the sensitive reality until he reaches the thought and the dream. The body becomes a world of silences, of hidden or barely visible spaces, immersed in deep places, of agonizing anxieties and tremors, of expectations and discoveries, of joyful vitality, of impetuous impetuosity, of contrasted harmony. A body, a world where being beyond the many imaginary contrasts can meet itself to renew itself.

Here is the promise of Stendhalian happiness - beauty - becomes a certainty of salvation

February 2019

Selected to receive the European Excellence Award for Arts, McMuller participates in the European artistic tour through video-exposition in Rome (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain) and with two major works in Paris (France).

The renowned and highly regarded art critic Paolo Levi writes, in the awarding certificate: "To the Art Master Andreas McMuller - His participation is proof of the undisputed value of his work in the international art scene. The profuse commitment and capacity to go beyond the canons of common thinking have helped to create new creative experiences and to catalyze a positive change in Europe and in the world. " Paolo levi


2019 January

Finalist in the prestigious CFA international competition

The CFA is the Circle Foundation of the Arts, an art platform born in Lyon, France, but quickly became an international organization. On the 22nd, the Director wrote:

"Dear Andreas, I'm sending you an email about the CFA Artist of the Year award results. We had a total of 863 participating artists and selecting just a few winners was a really difficult task. I'm happy to let you know you're in the 150 artists selected for an award.
Your photography is truly unique and has many recognizable qualities, which is an important feature in the practice and career of an artist. Thoughts really stands out and I hope to be able to present it soon in our magazines or online gallery. [...]
Myrina Tunberg Georgiou - CFA Director "


2019 January

cascade of prizes in the statistics update of the ViewBug site

McMuller is currently confronted with fans and foreign competitors through the ViewBug portal, in which he manages his own account and takes part in the challenges and many competitions with new and archived photos. The mid-January 2019 statistics are as follows: out of 32 published photos McMuller received 125 Awards and three of them were evaluated as Absolute Masterpieces.

Moreover in the last contest, with 477MILA votes Sinuous places itself in the "Best 30%" of ViewBug. They like it very much in the USA (42% of likes), followed by Great Britain (24%) then Canada (9%) and following various European countries; Italy does not even appear in McMuller's statistics: is it true that no one is a prophet at home?

2018 summary below:

2018 December

Awarded at the Margherita Hack Art Competition - Milan - Italy

2018 December

3rd place at the International Prize Roma Caput Mundi with the work "Sinuous" and the following motivation: "For originality and constant stylistic research. His work provides new interpretative developments."

2018 December

Masters Today - Rome Trastevere group exhibition

2018 December

Exposition in Miami - USA - in the exhibition Miami meets Milan in the context of Art Basel - The call for tenders began as follows: "Take your place with the Greats of Art ... from Dominicis to Guttuso, from Pirandello to Boetti, from Lodola to ... you? Well, three works had the honor and the burden of going to Miami with the greats, along with McMuller himself, to show Italian art to American collectors.

2018 November

Winner of ARTEFIERA of Padua

1st CAT Contemporary Art talent Award

At the Art fair of Padua, McMuller exhibits in his own stand and participates in the CAT contest: the Contemporary Art Talent is an artistic competition open to all the artists present at the fair ... and wins it, getting the CAT First Prize 2018 with the work Curve, realized in Museum mode.


2018 November

Collective exhibition against violence against women: I trust you. Invited by Dr. Caterina Randazzo, art critic and curator of the exhibition, McMuller participates with the works Pensieri and 50 Sfumature di Rosso.

2018 October

Flanders International Biennial - Bruges - Belgium

Invited by the organizers, McMuller to the collective exhibition in the Oud Sint Jan Museum in Bruges, Belgium, on display at the museum with Picasso, Warhol and Mirò; the videos of the exhibition can be viewed here and here

2018 October

Modigliani Award - Spoleto Italy

McMuller, who received the Modigliani Award thanks to Heaven Light (light of Paradise) and Night Predator (night predator).

2018 October

Honorable Mention for the McBlack project by the IPA International Photo Award - LosAngeles USA

2018 October

Raffaello International Award - Palazzo Isolani, Bologna

Against the participation with the work Candore (McWhite project), McMuller receives the Raffaello International Award from the curator of the event, art critic and publisher Sandro Serradifalco.

2018 October

Prize 99 protagonists of the art curated by S. Serradifalco and V. Sgarbi - Palazzo Isolani, Bologna

2018 October

Pietrasanta (LU) Auction House Daliano Ribani Art

Through the work Curve, the McBlack project shots taken with the Museum mode receive the first official listing through the auction house Daliano Ribani of Pietrasanta (in the province of Lucca, Tuscany, Italy).

2018 September

Collective show Chromatic Rhapsodies - ACA Gallery, via Margutta, Rome, Italy

2018 September

Mini-personal exihibition of 11 works Contemporary Art Exhibition Art Escape, Palazzo Zenobio, Venice

The art critic and historian Dr. Francesca Boncompagni, presenting McMuller's works in the exhibition catalog talks about: "Visual masterpieces where the artist spontaneously succeeds in capturing and seducing the mind and heart of those who He notes. "

2018 September

Collective exhibition Spoleto Arte meets Venice

The sumptuous setting of the Scuola Grande di S. Teodoro, in S. Marco, is the setting for Sinuosa e Pensieri, which after the success of Spoleto were again selected for the Venice exhibition.

2018 July

International Art Award Palermo - Biondo Theater

After careful analysis of the curriculum and the works presented, Lady Gold and 50 Sfumature di Rosso, the jury gave McMuller the Arte Palermo Award in the sonutosa frame of the Biondo Theater.

2018 July

At least Finalist (winner according to the email received from the president, then ignobly retracted) of the Contest in honor of Ferruccio Lamborghini in Motta di Livenza (TV) Italy

2018 June

Participation in the group exhibition" Spoleto Art - curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Palazzo Leti Sansi, receives considerable recognition.

2018 Giugno

Stair to the Moon is selected as a worthy work and receives the International Prize Cristoforo Colombo - Genova Italy

2018 June

The collective Black&White - Palazzo Saluzzo at Genoa - by the critic Loredana Trestin - Opera Curve version of the Museum

2018 June

The collective Disputed Area Art in Via Margutta in Rome

2018 May

Insertion into the Effect the Art Collection: Artists ' Collection

2018 April

McMuller enters "theGolden book of the Masters of Today"

2018 April

The picture "Curves" is rewarded in Nice (France) with the Golden Palm of the Visual Arts

2018 April

Josè Van Roy Dalì delivery McMuller the Prize Van Gogh

2018 March

Participate in the contest Artavita, which concludes with the receipt of the Certificate of Excellence as finalist.

2018 March

Andreas McMuller participate in the contest FIIPA – FIOF Awards 2018

The International Fund for Photography gave him an honorable Mention in the category “Naked” for the works of the project McBlack, and McWhite

2018 March

McMuller was invited to the International Exhibition of Art in Venice and takes part in ushering in the new series of paintings “Museum”. In the event McMuller has received the international Award of the Doges

2018 February

The painter and Art Critic Franco Bulfarini, as a result of his careful analysis of McMuller and available works, has issued the following critical (fill in the site and should we paint.en)

2018 January

Two works access the Collection Sgarbi.

The 2018 opens from the sign of two specific shots: “Sinuous” and “Thoughts” which, in the early months of the year, have tons of successes, starting from the entrance, in the prestigious Collection Sgarbi.

2017 October

Provides graphic design and photos for the book of Giuseppe Greco: “my sonnets”. There public shots of Rome: the Colosseum on its cover, er Palazzaccio, the Tiber, Castel Sant'angelo, St. Peter's, etc.

2017 September

Personal exhibition

“Life Always Wins” Hotel Dino, Baveno (Lake Maggior, Italy)

2017 February

Art fair ARTEFIERA Genoa

At the booth of Gallery Art-Saturated, participated by exposing 3 frames of the Project “McBlack”, and the innovative Mona Sara, the first photo printed in Italy on Canvas antique.

2016 November

SATURA Art Gallery, Genova - italy

Solo exhibition “Inevitable Rebirth”

Exhibition of 19 paintings taken from the series: “the Lost Cities” and “Life Always Wins”

2016 Autumn

Contest 2016 of the renowned MAGNUM Photo Agency - New York, USA

2016 July

Satura Art Gallery - Contest “Saturated International”

Participates with the framework: “50 shades of Red”

Award-winning artist


2015 September

Satura Art Gallery - Contest “SaturArte”

Participates with the picture: “the Boy and The Mountain”

The artist recommend

July 2015

Public photos and article on the daily Newspaper "Il giornale di Taranto".

2014 September

Collective editorial “contemporary Visions”

Participates with the framework drawn from single photo: “Leaves of winter”

1st: 2014 March

Gallery Elle TV – Show Collective “Stories and Distortions”

Participates with twenty paintings drawn from the many individual photos and a collage

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