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and all your help is vital. 

I will use donations to create new Free Beauty, in the form of works of art donated to charities, museums and associations that help people in need. 

Photographic project: Life will always win


Andreas McMüller is an artist of SHIBUSA Art gallery

The artworks are sold by Shibusa s.a.s. - Headquarters in Via Pasolini, 8 - 42023 Cadelbosco di sopra (RE) Italia

P.Iva (VAT) e CF  IT02720390356 - Phone: 333-3920128 - E-mail: mcmuller@shibusa.art

Life-Concrete 1-0 
Limited edition to 7+1 specimens + lithographs.
Lumix FZ200 Leica lenses f / 4 1/640 iso 100 59mm
Fiorano Modenese Pedemontana - Maggio 2013 - Cat. LVVS-001

There are images that do not need comments, this included.

It is the first image of the series "Life always wins", taken at this tulip, beautiful in its decisive and determined color, that blooms of bullying on the edge of the busiest road in the Ceramic Valley.

In front of cars, vans and thousands of trucks that have passed around him and despite all the cement that man can put down.


Sidewalk Life 
Limited edition 08 copies + lithographs.
Lumix FZ200 Leica optic f / 4 1/200 iso100 114mm
Reggio Emilia - July 2014

It is not the first image taken for the series "La Vita always wins", but it is worthy of it: asphalt, cement, laid stone ... all useless in front of the force of Life that expands, grows and grows without giving up sneaks, coming out sooner or later in every imperfection of the human construct. And these two leaflets are the bridgehead of a tree that could still be there when there is nothing left of the pavement but a pile of stones.

Life always wins
Limited edition of 7+1 specimens + lithographs.
Panasonic FZ200 ottica Leica
Pompei - Febbraio 2015 Cat. LVVS-003In the third work of the series "Life Always Wins", we still have a flower, firmly determined to live regardless of everything.
In his case, on a wall built with lava bricks, destroyed by Vesuvius, burned and buried for millennia ...and today recolonized by Life, which is not intimidated by the past but rather, rises where and when it seems. 

Limited edition of 08 specimens + lithographs.
Nikon D850 ottica Sigma 24-105 ART f / 5 1/250 iso 1000 42mm
Roma - Ottobre 2018 - Cat. LCVVS-006

Gandhi said that life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain. This sapling does not know, just as the hornet completely ignores the thought of human scientists about its flight. Or maybe he knows and does the right thing ever: he doesn’t care, he grows up and is now ready to escape from his prison of cement and cast iron. Maybe he will succeed easily or he will find himself fighting a war of attrition with the owner of the hotel in whose parking lot he thought to emerge. But even if it were, we already know who will win, for a pure reason of persistence. And if he can’t, his children will when he gives up their pollen. As the single battle goes, Life always wins.


The fire is not enough
Limited edition 7 +1 specimens + lithographs
Licax FZ200 ottica Leica
Puglia - Febbraio 2015

There are many reasons why the cultivated fields of Puglia are attacked by fire: the lack of human civilization is the first, both for farmers who decide to get rid of weeds and for the cigarette still lit and criminally thrown out the window and then, but only rarely, there are natural events and accidental causes. Whatever the actual cause, the search for charred olive remains is very easy. But olive trees are tenacious.
This photo can be considered a simple (and by no means easy) shot, but the photo communicates with a considerable emotional force and the motivational message that emerges is immediate and powerful. 


Green Colonization (E) 70

Licax FZ200 optical Leica
Veneto Italy - January 2015


Just let the man take the hold for a moment ...

Mother Nature vs Tate 
Limited edition 7+1 specimens + lithographs
London (GB)  -  Agosto 2017
Nikon D800 - Sigma 24/105 Art
I found something nice at the Tate! 
It was clinging to the outside of the building, probably not wanted or chosen by those who run the museum, so wonderful (as always are the works of Nature). 
For the rest, the Tate is not only time not to be missed, it is (inside) a jumble of ballasts, ugliness and incurable uselessness. 
Natural Jail
Limited edition 7+1 specimens + lithographs
Modena  -  Febbraio 2017
Nikon D800 - Sigma 24/105 Art
IIn summer, you can’t even see it, there’s just a green wall of lush ivy. 
But in winter everything changes, when the leaves are set aside and the wall comes back to breathe. 
Who knows what hides that window from the dark blues, closed since time immemorial and trapped by the branches. 
What dramas and what happiness were consumed in that now dark room, sealed by Mother Nature, almost like he wanted to keep those emotions there, hard to capture and precious to keep.  Who knows...
Man abandons, Nature does not
Limited edition 7+1 specimens + lithographs
Sicilia (Italy)  -  Luglio 2017
Nikon D800 - Sigma 24/105 Art
The best photos do not need explanations because they speak for themselves, and I think this is one of the cases, so I do not dwell.
But two words on the perilous shot I would say, because it was necessary to stand in the middle of the road which was completely empty when I saw the altar embellished with wild flowers ...time to pull over, park and approach has turned into the straight of Le Mans!! Murphy’s Laws never refute...
_mcm5542-capolinea-a 2048xweb cc.jpeg
FinalDestination "A"
Limited edition 7+1 Specimens + lithographs
Sassolo (Italy)  -  Aprile 2017
Nikon D800 - Sigma 24/105 Art
Better hurry up and read those times before the hedge takes it. 
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