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and all your help is vital. 

I will use donations to create new Free Beauty, in the form of works of art donated to charities, museums and associations that help people in need. 

ARTISTIC CURRICULUM - Highlights up to 31 December 2017

2017 October

Provides the graphic design and photos for the book by Giuseppe Greco: "My sonnets". It publishes shots of Rome: the Colosseum on the cover, er Palazzaccio, the Tiber, Castel Sant'Angelo, S. Pietro, etc.


Andreas McMüller is an artist of SHIBUSA Art gallery

The artworks are sold by Shibusa s.a.s. - Headquarters in Via Pasolini, 8 - 42023 Cadelbosco di sopra (RE) Italia

P.Iva (VAT) e CF  IT02720390356 - Phone: 333-3920128 - E-mail: mcmuller@shibusa.art

2017 September

Personal exhibition

"Laife always win" Hotel Dino, Baveno

On the occasion of the annual assembly of the association S.I.S.T.E., Italian Society of Applied Sciences to medicinal plants and health products, McMuller exhibits 25 lithographic prints taken from the series: "Nature" and "Life always win"


McMuller's lithographs are printed on a beautiful stucco-effect paper, with non-toxic, time-resistant inks guaranteed for at least 10 years.

They were on display in the front and rear passepartout with central hangers.


2017 February

ARTEFIERA Genoa Art Fair

At the stand of the Satura Art Gallery, he participated by exhibiting 3 paintings of the "McBlack" Project

The subject is certainly appealing, but great satisfaction remains for the many people who stopped to watch the three McBlacks, while in the stand opposite there were works for 100,000 euros.

McMuller exhibits a substantial novelty at this fair, the first among Italian photographers: the antiqued photo. A particular procedure of the Milan laboratory that prints them ages the canvas and makes the ink support crack in a short time, obtaining an effect very similar to the paint of the old paintings.

2016 November

SATURA Art Gallery - Genoa

Personal exhibition "Inevitable Renaissance"

Exhibition of 19 paintings from the series: "Città Perdute" and "La Vita Vince Semper"

Review by Critic Andrea Rossetti:

The dry look towards a life framed at the base, treated as an expression of nature lightened by the architectural-functional and superstructural excesses that man has placed around it.

Formally relieved also by the man himself, of a presence so cumbersome that in the shots of Andreas McMuller is categorized on being "implicit fading", another thing with respect to the photographic value that all those sub-products generated by the attestation of his civilization hold.

In his visual language McMuller thus reconstitutes the pieces of a debate that has never died down between the essentiality of a manifest progress and nature, the one who defends his vitality by presenting the account of his existence in a persistent, active, persistent way. An unpleasant task in some respects, but also expressively full of satisfaction for our photographer.

After all, it is McMuller who certifies that La Vita always wins, a series orbiting around a photographic gesture that is in no way invasive on the front of the image; where the objective is a mirror of its concreteness and therefore does not fall into the sensationalist-coercive mood of a poetic indifference, since it decidedly focuses a priori on the potentially contemplative aspects of the shot. Nevertheless, the photographer chooses particularly comprehensively comprehensible results from the narrative point of view, unique in giving a real-time version in which the ethics of impartiality does not weigh, since the point of view on the facts goes beyond the camera itself.

Phenomenology of hope, of the real need for a future already manifested in the match between a poppy and a prescriptive cement floor. Standing in that ground, standing in the middle of the traffic, McMuller rejoices as he lays down an eloquent Vita-Cemento 1-0, with his red on gray, a dazzling light and visibly generalized neglect.

That is all that makes sense in a still image of "strangely ordinary urbanity".


2016 Autumn

Contest 2016 of the renowned Photo Agency MAGNUM - New York USA

Review of Lens Culture:

Andreas, thank you very much for sharing your work.

[...] In the shots you sent there are some very valid images.

Your work as a whole works well, I am very attracted by the contrast of your compositions, specifically the positioning of the subject and the depth (scale of the subject).

One of the strong features of your images is the prominent use of lines and angles.

In '' the Boy and the Mountain 'and in' 'Walking Shadow' 'position the subject on the outside of the frame, this allows you to fill the rest of the frame with very precise details. Even the following images present perspectives very intense areas that emphasize the spatial depth implied in the photo.

I am also very intrigued by the general tone in '' Dark Survivor '' and '' Green Scout ''.

'' Green Scout '' is particularly beautiful, it almost seems to be a monochrome photo, in fact I had to look very closely and very closely at the image to capture the blue and green elements.

In images like these I feel that the photographer is deliberately and consciously using colors as a design element. It seems that you are showing how only a little touch of color can create a big impact in photography.

Also '' Stair to the Moon '' is equally interesting as an image regarding the handrail and the angles of the staircase, and once again you have used only a few elements of color. [...]

I enjoyed watching your work and I really appreciated it, I hope to see it again in the future.


Also '' Stair to the Moon '' is just as interesting as an image with regards to the handrail and the corners of the staircase, and once again you have used only a few elements of color. [...]

I enjoyed watching your work and I really appreciated it, I hope to see it again in the future.


2016 July

Satura Art Gallery - "Satura International" Contest

Participate with the painting: "50 shades of Red"

Award-winning artist

2015 September

Satura Art Gallery - "SaturArte" Contest

Participate with the painting: "The Boy and the Mountain"

Artist reported

Mario Napoli Artistic Director:

"Goethe said that the mountains are mute masters and make silent disciples. Thus McMuller captures the ineffable solitude that one feels when faced with the greatness of Nature.
From the compositional point of view, the lyricism of painting is touched with the outlines of the peaks that are outlined on the horizon, of a lighter, poetic gray. The displacement of the compositional axis on the left shifts the gaze of the viewer who is both a participant and creator of the boy's experience. The lines of the rocks write a primordial alphabet that has to do with the intimate perception of one's own limits. In a certain sense, the image of the woman behind her also conveys the idea of ​​spying on a private sphere, but here the approach is radically different: it is as if she knew she was being watched and allowed herself to drop the fabric almost accidentally. A red fabric, to indicate the passion, the seduction, the violent force of feeling with an accent on the visual impact. In both cases it is a personal formation of identity, even if the relationship from one to infinity, which appears in the first step, is reversed in the second in which the compositional form seems profoundly different: from the harshness of the environment to the soft sensuality of the embraced body, and therefore offered. "

July 2015

Publish photos and articles in the newspaper "Il Giornale di Taranto".

On vacation at the beach with the family in that of Torre Colimena, McMuller found himself the road blocked by a fire and with cheerful cheek he passed himself off as a journalist, managing to overcome the safety cordon and take pictures that the quodidiano then published in the middle, together with the article proposed by Andreas.

The only hesitation is that the editor-in-chief has not been able to restrain himself and has changed the title, from the original "Peril escaped thanks to the expertise of the Fire Brigade" to a more usual journalistic terrorism with "Fear among the people".

Oh well ... the satisfaction remains that the photos have been published without blinking.


2014 September

"Collective Visions" editorial collective

Take part with a picture taken from a single photo: "Foglie d''inverno"

The Artistic Director Arpinè Sevagian:

"Through the lens of the camera, Andreas McMuller leads us into a world of delicate poetry where nature in its formal aspects becomes the starting point for reflection on the mystery that surrounds it."


1st: 2014 March

Elle TV Gallery - Collective Exhibition "Stories and Distortions"

Take part with twenty paintings taken from as many single photos and a collage

The Art Critic Siro Perin (after studying the entire portfolio):

Andreas McMuller understands art as expressions of emotions that notoriously we fail to grasp and therefore the functionality of art is therefore the ability to be able to find these emotions to influence not only the look but above all the psyche of the viewer; his ideal subject is therefore life because it is full of emotions to be discovered.

Here is the picture set on the reproduction of landscapes, sometimes from the symbolic aspect, there are other values ​​such as the resurrection of lost things. In fact, as he himself states, his photos are the representation of a hunt for beauty, even in the small things of everyday life and useless which can, if recovered through artistic intervention, offer emotions and therefore relive.

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