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Atelier: via P.Pasolini, 8
42023 Cadelbosco di Sopra (RE) Italy
Telephone 24/7: +39 (0) 522 152 0003
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The double peculiarity of this shot is manifested in the infinite sweetness of the busty Roman model Sara Giustinelli and in the exclusive antique print, made by an Italian laboratory whose technicians work with white gloves (not in a manner of speaking).

The printing system is such that the support cracks in a short time, obtaining a picture very similar to the period paintings despite having started from a digital shot.

The frame is also antiqued and the edges of the work are protected by hand-made wrapping paper, as was normally done to protect the frame and painting.

In light of the quotations reached, the artist has decided to create a single copy for the entire planet and a video of the destruction of the file and of the proofs will soon be available, to certify the absolute uniqueness of this Work of Art


50 SHADES OF RED Mc (100)

This shot has the distinction of coming from my "first time". ... in the studio, I mean. Little post-production, oriented to the management of the colors and the skin of the model but very difficult to print because the difference in brightness between the hair and the background is less than 5% and it is a moment that the head is no longer visible. On the third attempt we usually succeed and a picture emerges that has received the favors of the critics.
Limited edition as for all the works of the Mc series with 7 + 1 copies.


Mc Museum and Topsec (100) or Canvas (200)


Taken in May 2018 in Prato, (Tuscany, Italy) with Nikon D850 and original Nikon 85mm lens, minimal post-production for tone management and preparation for printing.

Is the second time better than the first? In photography usually yes, and this shot was born from the second shooting to the same fabulous model of Curve and Sinuous.

As for the image, it shows us a young girl, decidedly young, who shows herself shy and modest by hiding her graces behind her hat.
But the stocking is mesh, the hands hold the hat with a soft grip, no nervousness whatsoever and the step is decided, totally lacking in terms of fears or hesitation.

Delicate and tremendously sensual, it gives us a very sweet and classy image that has the intent to ensnare men and inspire girls.



This intriguing model  from verona (Italy) ensnares the senses of those who observe her and does so with natural malice, without shame or reluctance, because of a powerful femininity of which she is well aware and which she uses without restraint.

Of the many excellent shots taken together this is one of the most successful, because it pulsates with mystery: what is discovered is much less than what remains to be discovered; if you deserve it, he will allow it.

Wherever the collector exposes him, this picture of the important standard measure of 100x70 cm, will attract the attention and the applause of those who meet him and it makes sense to assume that it will be the cause of a bit of healthy envy.

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