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Atelier: via P.Pasolini, 8
42023 Cadelbosco di Sopra (RE) Italy
Telephone 24/7: +39 (0) 522 152 0003
Mail: fill in the form in the Contacts


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Forgive the Google translation, indeed help me:
buy some ArtWorks  and I'll give you a professional translation.

IMPORTANT: except in rare cases of immediate availability, the paintings of Andreas McMuller are available for sale with the mode and Art-on-demand, i.e.: the work has not been produced in the past and stored in a warehouse, but is made from scratch to order, using the best materials available and the latest enhancements made to the production, in observance of the rule:

If it could be done better, is not a McMuller

PRICES definition for Categories, Materials and Dimensions:

Next to the title of each photo there is an abbreviation, for example SINUOSA (Mc) 100
The number, in this case 100, communicates the maximum size in centimeters of the long top of the picture,
while the abbreviation V, E or Mc identify the category of economic value of the Work; the categories are these:

<(V)> VIP Series <> the Vip series presents a narrow selection of Andreas' shots, which stand out for the beauty, the sweetness and the sensations they arouse: in fact they are immortalized images that speak of the most beautiful and exciting aspects of the Earth, its people, its life forms and its territories. Shots of particular aesthetic level that narrate the Grace, the Strength, the Poetry and the Beauty that our planet sometimes offers us. Limited edition 999 numbered and certified copies.

<(E)> ELITE Series <> the Elite series are superior images, since they are not only beautiful but have something special in them that transcends pure aesthetics. Sometimes they are strong or powerful images, (as can be an Atlantic wave of 10mt arriving on the author who photographed it despite the wind at over 100km / h prevented it even from standing), but most of the time they are delicate, elegant and rich images of subdued but powerful energy, such as can be found in a blossoming flower, in a particular smile, in rare sunsets or malicious curves. Limited edition 99 numbered and certified copies.

<(Mc)> McART Series <> shots awarded or awarded by Italian and international critics, often they are unrepeatable shots that have seized a moment that will not manifest again in this universe. Very high quality printing, fine materials, very limited edition: normally up to a maximum of 7, but sometimes less or even unique pieces (the artist still has the right to have a personal copy of it that will never be sold and can be used only for his personal presentation in exhibitions in Italy and abroad, in his own atelier or similar).

The amounts shown here are those of the Lithograph. VAT excluded.
For the MC series paintings contact the artist, for the Elite (E) series
and Vip (V) click on the corresponding box (first and second)
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LIST 01-09-2019

The present price list excluding VAT is valid and in force for all materials not otherwise specified but is to be considered indicative: the exact and definitive price, which may vary for the individual panel due to peculiarities and any offers, is the one mentioned in the e-commerce form




































But WHY are McMuller's frames of reference seems so expensive?

Premise: in reality, compared to all the prizes won and the success, they cost very little! I am in fact taking moderate prices due to the crisis in the Italian market: if I sell in the US, double would still be an acceptable price.

The value, far higher than their price, they have it because they are:

- works that are unparalleled on an artistic and aesthetic level: not only is the style unique and recognizable, but today there are no artists who produce similar objects, so McMuller's paintings are as rare as their print runs are;

- award-winning critics who have certified their artistic value: there are no other photographers who can say the same;

- made with high quality and quality materials to the point that it can be affirmed also for this aspect and without fear of denial, that there are no comparable works in the Art market;

- innovative: McMuller is a perfectionist and continues to work on research to find, experiment and make available luxury and exclusive objects such as antique canvas (he was the first and still the only artist to having made it) and the same can be said for other materials, including museum glass;

- because you have slept: the value of McMullers continues to grow and the picture that you can buy today at 100 two years ago was at 50 and four years ago at 20 and will continue to do so because McMuller is an emerging artist and the value of his works will grow again ! Especially in the next decade when it will attack the American market and the most renowned auction houses (Sotheby's, Christie's, etc) ... but when you find them there, they will have that high value that could be your gain.

... and, above all, they cost because they are McMullers, radiant with Aesthetics, Inspiration and Life.

Post Scriptum: you write "Your house will never be the same after having hung one" but it reads: "Let your friends brown!"

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