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and all your help is vital. 

I will use donations to create new Free Beauty, in the form of works of art donated to charities, museums and associations that help people in need. 

l'ascesa astr-fas 001 (i)q corn.bianca 2048xweb cc.jpeg

Andreas McMüller is an artist of SHIBUSA Art gallery

The artworks are sold by Shibusa s.a.s. - Headquarters in Via Pasolini, 8 - 42023 Cadelbosco di sopra (RE) Italia

P.Iva (VAT) e CF  IT02720390356 - Phone: 333-3920128 - E-mail: mcmuller@shibusa.art

L'ASCESA (The Rise)

Second painting by Andreas McMüller, with a technique is completely different from the first. In fact, it is a successful experiment, which will soon have bigger brothers and sisters, which makes it the first work in its category.

Category that is based on the wave technique, that is to distribute horizontal stripes of fluid color on the canvas, distributing (grinding) those higher for the whole canvas with a particular technique and then give the desired shape to the drawing, tilting the canvas in order to move the liquid color wave that has been created and moving it at will around the canvas. Much color is lost because it drips out of the canvas itself (with immediate economic displeasure for the artist), but if everything went as it should, what remains can have a considerable aesthetic value. 

The conditional is a must, because with this technique the artist does not have complete control of the distribution of colors on the canvas and to achieve good results requires considerable organization, planning and careful preparation of the work.  

In the work The Ascent, a movement towards the top is revealed, consisting of several triangular shapes that start from the coldest and darkest colors at the bottom and reach the warm and light ones at the top, symbolizing an inner growth, an evolution that is thus suggested to the observer. The serenity intrinsic to the pastel colors of the upper part of the picture communicates peace and tranquility, reassuring those who climb about the usefulness and effectiveness of the fatigue inherent in this ascent.  

The Ascent thus becomes a part of Andreas McMüller’s series of motivational works.    The Rise is a work already catalogued and certified, also in the portal of the auction house Gigarte, Lucca (Italy).

l'ascesa astr-fas 001 (ramb ii) 2048xweb cc.jpeg

Note from the artist: absolutely true photo, that is my personal reading chair. 

l'ascesa astr-fas 001 (ramb iv) 2048xweb cc.jpeg
l'ascesa astr-fas 001 dett2 2048xweb.jpeg
l'ascesa astr-fa 002 dett3 2048xweb.jpeg



Measures: cm 35x50x2

Serie: Fluid-Art Creation

Cataloguing: ASTR-FA Sw001

Categorya: motivational work

Materials: acrylic paint on canvas

Physical appearance: two-dimensional image

Hand finished, with frame finished by the artist

Multiple certification of the work in blockchain, in the portal Patamu (competitor of the SIAE) and in the portal of the auction house Gigarte of Lucca, whose certificates (Storage, Authenticity and Property) are registered, printed and autographed by the artist. 

l'ascesa astr-fa 002 dett3 2048xweb.jpeg



Coefficient 1 (for now)

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40% discount + rounding + (for some works) packaging and shipping, but it is reserved for those who, having subscribed to the Newsletter, discovered the work in the reserved week, that’s over. Now: sign up now and write to the artist to ask if there are other benefits, for example for new customers or for particular periods.

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