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ITALIANO: Polished
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and all your help is vital. 

I will use donations to create new Free Beauty, in the form of works of art donated to charities, museums and associations that help people in need. 


Andreas McMüller is an artist of SHIBUSA Art gallery

The artworks are sold by Shibusa s.a.s. - Headquarters in Via Pasolini, 8 - 42023 Cadelbosco di sopra (RE) Italia

P.Iva (VAT) e CF  IT02720390356 - Phone: 333-3920128 - E-mail: mcmuller@shibusa.art


The material works are a great challenge, because they add a dimension to the artist’s work but also give him an additional tool of expression and communication. It is extremely versatile and equally complex to use: it is even easier to fall into the banal, moving away from the ideal image that as an artist you have in your head while creating the work, but if you can get there, communication is even stronger and so are the emotions that the work sends to the observer. 

Gold vein shows this vein of gold that emerges at times where you do not expect it, from a dark and tormented island that stands in the colorless flat that surrounds it. 

In the artist’s intentions the flat and colorless outline is the sad banality of the world in which we live, devoid of values and energy and broken at times by more or less serious problems, annoyances and tragedies that are represented by the dark and eventful area, full of depressions, bumps, blocks and obstacles. 

But it is precisely in tribulations that the human being finds (willingly or unwillingly) the energy and the drive to act, seeking and creating solutions and giving life to his own and others' survival. 

The vein of gold represents (for me, but everyone has the right to interpret the work as he likes), the creative essence of the human being, his ingenuity and his energy, which spring from vicissitudes and give meaning to our existence. 

The Gold vein then enters the series of motivational works of Andreas McMüller and deserves to be exposed in an office, a studio or in a place where you fight to remember that there is always a solution, that we are stronger than we seem and that the energy needed to make things right is already within us.


Gold Vein has already been catalogued and certified in the portal of the auction house Gigarte, of Lucca (Italy) with the cataloguing code GA203463 





Measures: cm 40x100x3

Serie: Fluid-Art materic

Cataloguing: ASTR-FA Mt-001

Type of art:  Universal beauty

Materials: acrylic paint on canvas

​Physical appearance: 3D material work

Hand finished, with rear mountboard


Multiple certification in the portal of the auction house Gigarte of Lucca, whose certificates (Storage, Authenticity and Property) are registered, printed and autographed by the artist with the code GA203463




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Regular price euro 2800,00

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